T.Kane Enterprises - The Ultimate Axle Cover

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"From the heart and mind of an American trucker!"

"The Ultimate Axle Cover" was designed and created by Tim Kane. Tim was a long haul truck driver (owner/operator) based out of Corona, New Mexico. In the mid-eighties Tim realized that there was a real need for a high quality, American made, axle cover. Tim visualized this "ultimate" axle cover being used not only on the "big rigs" but motor coaches, race car trailers, fire and rescue trucks, and any other piece of equipment that utilizes a 10 lug wheel set-up. Not only did Tim want a cover that would be useful, he wanted one that would greatly enhance the look of the vehicle and in the case of the Motor Coach - increase its resale value. Tim was able to realize the American dream when in 1987, the United States Government granted him Patent No. 4,639,045 for his "Ultimate Axle Cover".


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